Desert Oasis

Thomas was a bit late to the game. Uluru is great. The Olgas are a bit better, and local trails had previously topped the charts. But the new reigning champion of cool stuff I’ve seen in Central Oz is a place called

Early Morning Jaunt

Woke up hours before my alarm went off, and figured it was as good a time as any to get the old bones moving. Loaded up Sandy with the gear, got the tunes going, and headed off somewhere. Sunrise was due in a little over an hour, so I decided I had enough time to make it over to the Standley Chasm area. …

Shoots with Friends

I’ve been able to do some fantastic shoots recently thanks to some really wonderful and great friends. When model mayhem won’t provide the models, I have to get out of my comfort zone and ask non-strangers.

Breaking Silence

Hi again folks! Sorry for the lulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (many ‘l’s’ for emphasis…) in writing. Many life changes.

I have a couple more writings that are pending photos, so please stay posted! …

Which to Choose?

So, these are the two photos in question:



Or side by side:

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 9.17.24 PM

The first, in both instances (because it's the same photograph... no really, look, I'm telling you that it is. Please believe me!), has wonderful balance to it. …

Photoshoot in Cairns

It was absolutely fantastic working in Cairns with the makeup artist, doubling as a model, Leonie Ballantine. You can find her on Model Mayhem as a MUA, and Model.

Originally, the idea for the shoot was a shot of her walking towards the water and stripping off articles of clothing and leaving them behind. …


I've been scouring the web, and there're lots of pieces and parts on the wonderful world of composition. Every time I find something that looks promising, it ends abruptly. I'm not just blabbering on about basic composition and helpful hints to try, there's plenty of that around, and some of the resources quite good, but they never hold the depth that you wish (well, that I wish). …

They Said it was Chilly


Here I am in Ushuaia, Argentina.


Wool jacket? Check.

Shorts? Check.

Camera crap? Check.


Kid with dog, plenty of people about, and windy.


This is the day after, I'm wretro-riting. That's the Ushuaia coming into port. …

Lots Of Dots


So there was a meteor shower... This calls for some long term exposures!

Alarm ringing for 0145, and out of bed I roll. On the road, driving, passing kangaroos, and glancing at my rugged, dedicated GPS (not a cellphone, mind you) for the turn-off that's barely able to be seen during the day.


Please allow the mouseover to load fully (aboot 20sec for slow connections.)

D800E, 85mm f/1.4D, tripod

Original: f/1.4, ISO 1000, 1/25sec                         Mouseover: f/2, ISO 1000, 1/15sec

The differences between the two shots and their settings are subtle. …

Disaster Strikes

15,867 deaths, 6,109 injured, and 2,909 people missing.

D3S 6164

There isn’t much to write about here, and the time isn’t free for me to write to my (and I’m sure your own) content.

Some friends as we connect to the internet to let friends and family we're okay after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan. …

A Foreign World

Hiking in the Hakkoda mountains presents you with a sight rarely seen elsewhere. These “Snow Monsters” are the very tops of 20-30ft trees.

D3S 0221

They’re covered, not with settling snow, but with what is called RIME. …

The Boy Who Lived

Oh boy are you guys in for a good story.

D3S 5715

To start us off, I went back to the Towada Snow Festival (It’s every night until the 27th of February) to try out some different shots. It was another great night, since it was a Monday evening, not too many people were there. …

Winter Festivals

D3S 5803

Both the Towada Snow Festival and the Hirosaki Lantern Festival are coming up (this weekend or the next). I’m excited to put the Low Light Monster to the test. Last year at the Towada Snow Festival, there were colored lights and plenty of dancing and ice/snow sculptures. …

Ice Fishing

D3S 4536

So today after work, I rushed out to take advantage of the dwindling light. I had it in my head to grab some pictures of the guys that always were out ice fishing on the frozen lake. Though, when I got out there, everyone had left for the evening.

A New Website!

D3S 3717

Hello everyone. After some recent suggestions on the name, I’ve decided to not change it.

I’ve just recently purchased the gorgeous Nikon D3s. Upgrading from my trusty D200, I finally see why I needed it (self-justification is a wonderful thing). …

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