A New Website!

D3S 3717

Hello everyone. After some recent suggestions on the name, I’ve decided to not change it.

I’ve just recently purchased the gorgeous Nikon D3s. Upgrading from my trusty D200, I finally see why I needed it (self-justification is a wonderful thing). Using the D3s has opened a third dimension; ISO. Using an ISO of 12800… well the number itself is unbelievable, but the fact that I’m USING it!? Wow!

I’m currently trying to update this site to something useful and interesting.

I’d like to start posting reviews of the gear I use among other tidbits of information. The reviews won’t be as much technical as they will practical.

If you have any suggestions that you’d like to see on the site, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate. 

So building a site is tougher than I thought… actually it’s easier, it’s the promoting it with google (Sitemaps etc.) and trying to get it to work the way you envisioned it that is the difficult part. I’m going to start working on compositional techniques and little tidbits that help me out. If you have anything specific you’re wondering about, or if I totally throw out a bad piece of information (that’ll never happen) please shoot me an email.

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