Breaking Silence

Hi again folks! Sorry for the lulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (many ‘l’s’ for emphasis…) in writing. Many life changes.

I have a couple more writings that are pending photos, so please stay posted! I’ll also be trying to make some refining touches to the site (but truthfully, I’ll get to it much later and make changes you probably won’t notice)

Thanks to some friends, I’ve rediscovered the Nikon 85mm f/1.4D lens. I thought that it was mainly for closer distances, but taking and looking at some images has recently reignited my relationship with this beautiful piece of glass. As my ‘Midas’ lens, it continues to excite me years after I purchased it from the unfortunate soul going to BU. I’ve been using the Zeiss 100mm f/2 on a tripod for most portrait stuff (it just is a dreamy lens) but that f/1.4 is too grand and isn’t matched. 


Meet Something-with-an-S (aka Sandy, aka Samsung, aka UUallace——— Names in chronologically descending order). Youve already seen her? Cool, well all shes doing here is representing a subject. Quite a large subject, and at a distance from me, shes seperated from the background a moderate amount (could be better with a 135mm f/2) and acts as a blah blah blah (I really couldn’t think of what I wanted to say).

It shows stuff, but thats the lens.

Here are smaller subjects that arent cars:


I swear it looks better in better resolution, but again, Im getting a pleasing subject seperation with a decent field of view for environment (granted, background and surroundings are at a farther distance than normal).

Even closer to the subjects, we get a much nicer background seperation:


Courtesy of a good friend, this dolt nearly pops from the scene behind him. Im unaccustomed to working with this distance from subjects (usually opting for much closer for detail, or farther for environmental shots. also, space is usually limited; indoors making this lens a little long, and outdoors making me want something longer or wider). I need to work with this distance because its well it shows enough of the subject, as well as the environment, AND provides a decent amount of seperation, seperation, seperation, seperation (goodness I need to find another word). 

This is simillar to the look that I want whenever Im graced with a MF setup.

85mm = awesome = needs more use. Check.

Switching gears.

Ive been doing quite a bit of hiking again, and Ive come upon some thoughts.

When I’m too lazy and feel like I don’t need to take out the camera (happened on Mt. Fuji, as well as some other times) I need to kick myself for being dumb and lazy, otherwise I’ll regret it.


In the above photograph, I was about 15 minutes late in getting the camera out of my bag. I was almost ready to keep hiking down the mountain. After a minute of convincing myself to suck it up, I took it out and regretted not doing so earlier. The light was beautiful. The sky was darkening and getting that beautiful blue hue. Working at f/1.4, I was able to sneak out enough exposure to get some usable shots. 1/30sec at ISO 6400 on a 24mm lens, I was catching just the end of the light. I was still taking 2-3 shots per image I wanted, and sometimes more. Had to catch friends at each step when their body comes to a stop before they shift their weight forward for the next. Many blurry shots, but I got some decent ones.


Heres the death climb that eat many an acrophobic. Ive used my torch (local lingo!) off to the left for some illumination, unfortunately, the rocks jumped away too quickly to be used for ample illumination sans the over exposure (in a pinch and had to work with what I had before the moments were gone). This was 1/30sec, f/1.4, ISO12800 with some of the shadows raised for the upper left.

[Just looked at other photos, the light I had mustve been on high, because the others werent as blown out]


Heres where I start stretching, Hi-1 (ISO25600) and Ive dropped to 1/20sec. Its dark. Really dark. With a bit of noise reduction, it doesnt make me want to tear my eyeballs out from the noise, but its still cringe-worthy. This is the first time Ive used it in a serious fashion. Usually I can get by with 12800, but not this time. Im interested in the composition here too, balanced, but I think the eye goes down from right to left, and then back up to the city lights in the distance. It seems to work, and theres really not much lateral room for me to change things. Im pleased with how things came out at such extreme settings, but I cant help but wonder what an extra 2 stops could do for me ;) (Id be happy to test it out for someone!)


A final image before I crash for the nimorning, I think we should all keep the old flashlights with incandescent bulbs. Theyre not too bright, and add a bit of feels to the image. Whites just too boring. And oh the sky I wish we just had a few fewer clouds let that beautiful full moon through so I can use the sunlight! Thanks for listening to my ramblings! Better stuff to be written, I just needed to get something out there.

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