Disaster Strikes

15,867 deaths, 6,109 injured, and 2,909 people missing.

D3S 6164

There isn’t much to write about here, and the time isn’t free for me to write to my (and I’m sure your own) content.

Some friends as we connect to the internet to let friends and family we're okay after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan. A simple 3G Kindle was all that would connect to the outside world. EVERYthing else was down.

D3S 6119

The Japanese nation is in shambles. Countless lives have been lost. Families have been shattered. 

D3S 6156

I’ll bring you pictures of what I’ve seen, and what I can find. For much else, you’re on your own. Everyone I know is well and fine, and that’s plenty to be thankful for.

D3S 6229
D3S 6241
D3S 6260
D3S 6918

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