The Boy Who Lived

Oh boy are you guys in for a good story.

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To start us off, I went back to the Towada Snow Festival (It’s every night until the 27th of February) to try out some different shots. It was another great night, since it was a Monday evening, not too many people were there. The crowd was small, and though it was a similar performance, the performers really let loose. They were joking back and forth, challenging each other. They were comfortable, and they were there enjoying the festival as much as the onlookers. Must remember this in the future.

As we were coming home it was snowing. We made it about 3/4ths of the way home. We were on a long stretch of road and we started to pass a vehicle that was going obnoxiously snow (heh). As we pulled out and pulled slightly ahead of it, we noticed that the light from someone else’s headlights were cresting the hill. As we thought we had enough time, we pulled further ahead and started to pull in front of the other car. We started to fish-tail.

Uh oh, here’s where the good stuff happens. You ready? I wasn’t...

We fish-tailed to the right, and then to the left, and then (Smith says we did some sick snowboard 360 moves) I saw us swinging to the right and saw the car approaching like a speeding bullet. As I figured it wouldn’t be good to turn my head to look at death, I kept looking strate (just for Levi). 

I braced for impact, but it never came... I thought to myself, “is this a joke?” And then we I felt an explosion all around me, like bad case of the bumper cars. and then we spun again to a halt. Smith leaned over and brushed glass off me (cutting his hand) asking me if I was okay. I flopped my head from side to side (it was really weird) and wheezed, “yeah, I’m fine buddy, but I’m pretty sure your paint isn’t,” but I think it came out as some sort of forced air/grunt/wheeze. 

I hear him get out as I’m sitting there trying to get any bit of air I can into me. It’s kinda funny, but I hear him curse and grunt as he slips on the road, which is a complete sheet of ice I later find out. I finally try to open my door, both the effort and result is laughable. The lever squeaks and I spit out a bit of tooth. Then I try to undo my seatbelt. HEAR THAT? MY SEATBELT! But Smith’s stupid camera bag is crushed between our seats. After I wrest the bag out, I unbuckle and crawl out the driver side (the side NOT crushed). And here’s the later... I slip and fall, only twice though, and I make my way over to where the shaken-up, but standing, Japanese dude is mourning the loss of a pleasant evening.

Some guy helps us pull the car to the side of the road, and I get my camera and start doing what I do. I know you want colorful pictures, so here you are: (it seems my life’s gotten more exciting since I’ve been writing :) )

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