Gear Reviews

If I use it, I don't quite hate it, do I? (Some of the stuff looks really dirty in the picture... don't worry about that, I should clean it up and not put it on the gym floor. Nicer pictures to come...)

So here’s my input on the junk I use. I’ve been very lucky thus far in my photography experience, and here’s my opinions on what I’ve had the opportunity to use/have.

Note that my reviews aren’t delving into the actual facts about the optics. If you want a technical break down on it, I’ll leave it up to you to look at,,, and a few others.

These are my personal thoughts, opinions, and FEELINGS about the equipment I use.

Also note that I use 35mm (full-frame) format. If you’re using a smaller sensor, the focal lengths will be a little different. (Saving that topic for another day, it can get pretty confusing)

Camera Bag


My first piece of gear that I think would be well worth mentioning is my camera bag. 

I’ve never had luck with bags... and I think every photographer has a closet full of them.

I had the great luck of coming across a relatively unknown Pelican camera/laptop bag. (Pelican RSV Large Camera/Computer Case)

I travel a lot, and this bag allows me to consolidate my camera gear (the ton of crap that I carry, which by normal people standards is too much) and laptop into one small, albeit heavy package. Pros I’m sure will use proper padded pelican cases that have super triple raging rhino-proof locks. But I’m caught in the middle as a spoiled amateur with too much gear for his own good.

I’ve noticed that I’ve used it for putzin’ around... I should go back to a backpack for that... 

My developing system is turning out as such:

1. A small carrying bag for actually hoofing it around (with few select lenses (primes?) instead of the entire arsenal like I have been)

2. Camera attached to hip

I love this bag because it’s rugged enough to handle the heavy load.

In case some of you are interested in the pixel peeping 'wall' tests for lenses, I've got the perfect wall for you:


Too bad it's only one picture taken with one lens. Can you guess which lens it is?

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