70-200mm f/2.8G

Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G VRII

This is simply a fantastic lens. She is a workhorse, producing fantastic quality images 

D3S 0437
D3S 3551

Not quite sure if the VRII is worth so much more than Sigma’s version without it, but at 200mm I CAN shoot at 1/30th of a second without blur! For anyone unfamiliar with how shutter speeds and focal length work... you can expect blurring with shutter speeds less than the focal length. 

For a 24mm, I want my shutter speed to be at least 1/25th of a second, with a 200mm, I want my shutter speed to be faster than 1/200th of a second (more like 1/250th to be safe).. 

So being able to shoot at such a slow shutter speed is actually quite remarkable without the use of a tripod.

As for optics... fantastic. For any events where you’re running around trying to get different shots of people... this is the way to go. Fast, sharp optics allow a number of various focal lengths to be used when perspective and subject is constantly changing.


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