85mm f/1.4D

Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D

Sharp... REALLY freakin’ sharp. Sometimes almost too much.

D3S 1729

This is my portrait lens. I hear the 85mm f/1.4G is slightly better... but who cares, this has such amazing performance (WITH an aperture ring if you’re feeling like using an old film camera).

I find this on my camera most of all. The bokeh is simply dreamy. This is my midas lens. You could take a picture of a pile of steaming.. potatoes and it’ll still come out as gold. Nearly every image taken with this lens is a winner. It just makes things better. Have I stressed that enough? Go treat yourself to this lens. I’m telling you, you want this golden-egg-laying goose.

SLR 5260

Save up and get the f/1.4 instead of the f/1.8.. it’s just the bee’s knees, razor sharp even at f/1.4!

Check craigslist or keh.com for some. You might get lucky and find one for $900 like I did (they usually go for $1400). 

D3S 2522

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