As I find more good stuff, I'll reference, and display it.


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Long ago I stumbled across Maria Stromvik's work. This Swedish photographer has me mesmerized and inspired by her B&W long exposures. Her style is unique, simple and very minimalistic. Soon, the piece above will be my first purchase of any artist's work. Perhaps her "Salt and Pepper" will be on my wall some day too...


Here's a brilliant article on Aspect Ratios and Compositional Theory with eye-catchingly effective examples by Ming Thein.

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Just ran across a brilliant photographer! Mouth-droppingly good. The majority of his stuff is NSFW, as he does a lot of artistic nude and implied material. His style, technique, and use of a large format camera system gives a beautiful feel to his images. It's hard to find nudity so sensuous, tasteful, and exceptionally done. Without further ado, Mr. Jan Scholz! (You can also see them on flickr as well.)

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Along with an update to my Review of the Nikon D800E, here's a great little resource that puts cameras' detail into perspective. Go on and click on the picture to bring you to the website that provides the whole hamburger of information. Check out the print sizes MP count of your camera vs the 35mm and 4x5(in inches) film sizes.

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Just found this guy. His name is Joey L. and you've almost assuredly seen some of his work. He's done some work with the TV show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the movie Twilight, as well as a shoot for National Geographic's newest season of Taboo. Though the rest of his website needs a bit of work (which is surprising since he seems to be pretty well known) his blog has some really informative entries, especially when reading the comments. His lighting style is very unique and you can really learn quite a bit from these blog posts.

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A website that gives equal parts of photographic excellency and world news coverage, let's take a look at the New York Times Lens Blog. There're daily stories and collections of photojournalism from every corner of the globe. If you're not a unicorn or a squirrel, you may want to take a look at the unique style of journalistic photography. It just may give you a different direction to take your ideas or personal style. At the very least, you'll learn something.

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A truly emotional video that really epitomizes what we as artists try to achieve; a connection between our work and our audience. Now, I've seen some tearjerker clips and movies before, but this really takes the cake. This is mainly visually captivating... photographers, videographers, and many others, use our audience's sense of sight as a cornerstone in our work. The music also plays a huge part in connecting with our emotions... but that's another topic altogether.

There're a few websites that I make sure to check regularly... here are some that I'm constantly looking at:

In terms of innovative and creative... one of my top favorites is Ryan Brenizer's Blog. A top notch wedding photographer, he's always giving updates on his recent adventures and jobs. He's got some amazing photographs from every aspect of weddings, ranging from classic shots of the bride, groom, and guests to unique shots involving different styles of lighting (speedlights/flashes, and natural) and creative camera techniques such as his famous "Brenizer Method" (cool instructional video provided by B&H!) It's updated regularly and an all around fantastic source for inspiration and more.

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Interested in reading something that'll give you an older, refined perspective on photography? Every monday, I make it a point to check out this gentleman's blog. Rodney Smith is a particularly interesting fellow. His blog titled The End Starts Here is a wonderful look into the mind of an extremely skilled photographer who tells you tales of his experiences in life, as well providing the equivalent to a art/photography course in his reasonings behind his compositions. Oh, and he shoots almost exclusively in B&W.

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