Useful Links

Above all others:

Rodney Smith [Weekly look into the mind of a great] 

Gear Help:

Thom Hogan [Top of this list for a reason] 

Digital Photography Review [in-depth reviews and great forums]

Luminous Landscape [photo info from another great source]

BJørn Rørslett [great guy with practical info]

Brad Hill [more great stuff]

Ken Rockwell [find something on everything]

Photograph help:


Fstoppers [Assorted photography gatherings]

Joe Mcnally [working with speedlights? go here]

Strobist [how to light absolutely anything with lights]

The Online Photographer [currently reading through it]

Nature Photographers [posted photos with critiques and info]

Photographers’ Websites:

Chema Madoz [absolutely brilliant, period]

New York Times [great photos updated daily]

Samuel Morse [photog friend, great stuff, lots of knowledge]

Nikon Rumors [what’s coming up next?!]

Ryan Brenizer [amazing wedding photographer and more]

Kevin McNeal [great landscapes and hdr]

CML Brown [phenomenal abstract work]


Musings [a student through and through, read his thoughts]

TED [ideas worth spreading]

WIMP [links to interesting things]

Fark [ridiculous news stories that are actually true]

Traveling Around Japan [places to go and see]

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